DugganTrish Duggan has dedicated her life to art, philanthropy and her family. Trish’s passion for art grew from an early age and was heavily influenced and inspired by her high school art teacher, Yoshio Nakamaru, with whom she remains in contact. A native of Arlington, Virginia, Trish Duggan has gone on to spend much of her time traveling abroad in the constant pursuit of art and culture. Trish Duggan’s travels have taken her to all regions of the world, and she has immersed herself in different cultures and art styles. Her favorite art form, however, continues to be glassblowing. Throughout her travels, Trish has collected an array of glassblown pieces that make up her large collection. As an accomplished artist in this art form, Trish has also mentored students and actively promotes glassblowing in her community along with citing it as a way to bond with her children.

Trish Duggan met her husband, Bob Duggan, while both studied at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Together, they have been actively giving back to their alma mater and the rest of the world.


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